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Blackshirt Fight Part 2

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I've decided to expand my thoughts on the fight based on fan reaction. One thing I will try to do is be fair to all parties involved. One thing I think people are missing out on is how hard of a decision BO has to make in these types of situations. I can draw back on one particular situation going into my senior year that is just like this situation. Does anyone remember Brandon Drum? Probably not! Brandon Drum was a DT that was supposed to help fill the void left when Jason Peter went to the NFL. No telling if Brandon would have started but he def would have played a significant role and provided much needed depth. After all, you don't replace Jason Peter with one player. Unfortunately Brandon had an incident at the Guitars and Cadillacs establishment. This would have been way bigger had we had social media back in the stone ages of the 90's but we didn't. All we had as a unity council and coaching staff was a video tape and recording of what went down. After long deliberation it was decided that he would be released from the team. I knew Brandon and I'm sure it was not how he wanted to end his career at NU and, like Brown and Suttles, has some regret. What I'm saying is that when decisions are made they are made for the overall betterment of the team. The players, families and coaching staff are effected. You have to think, Bo and his staff recruited these two with the intentions for them to come here and make a difference and first and foremost to get a great education. As on now that isn't going to happen in Lincoln. It's not as easy as you may think but, in the big scheme of things, time doesn't stop for anyone. I'm willing to bet in two weeks time we will not be talking or thinking about this situation. Actually, it's no different when someone in a corporate environment gets fired. At first glance there is shock and sorrow, but sooner or later all employees(players) and management(coaches) will operate as business as usual. That is the only way to operate actually. A lot of fans would say "keep them because our defense is so young." I'd say, if we are so young then why can't someone else step in and play and make a name for himself? In times of crisis is when you see true leadership stand up and be accounted for! I'm sure Bo and staff took into account ability, longevity and history to come the conclusion. The staff has acted swiftly and now it's put to rest and it's business as usual. This could be awake up call for other players that are walking a thin line but also a way to rally around the players affected and become a stronger and tighter team. Only time will tell the impact of one fight will have on a season full of hope and expectations.

I will say this to those who think the TRUTH is negative. Ever since moving back to NE I have become more of fan of college football and the University than ever before. I think people misconstrue Passion for " hating" the program. I wouldn't tell the players the suck or can't do it, I'd tell them to be GREAT and make a name for themselves. The question isn't " why can't they?" it's " why not?"


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