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Blackshirt Fight

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The dismissal of two players on the defense was the big news in Lincoln this week. This could potentially be a big blow to the defense. Nebraska's defense is going to be young and is a huge unknown heading into this season. Many people say the season and the way the program is looked upon is riding on their development. Chemistry issues and lack of overall talent has plagued the Blackshirts for years. Even though a fight between teammates is never good, you have to realize its not that uncommon. To be honest if it doesn't happen I would wonder about your team as a whole. The dynamics of a team or a defense is very interesting to say the least. When I was in school I didn't care for some of the guys personally but I knew professionally(CFB is a job) that I needed him and they needed me for US to reach a common GOAL. People are bent out of shape about the fight or what Suttles used during the fight. I could care less about what he used or if they fought, I'm more concerned that the team chose to release both players so quickly! That tells me that they weren't all in and were problem players in the past! There aren't many that can win with those types of players on their team no matter how talented. But there is a simple solution to this problem as well as the one prior about the effort of some younger guys.

The "Solution" is that there needs to be some pecking order in who are the "Chiefs" and who are the "Indians." And sadly to say your best players if they are younger are and need to be an Indian. Do you think when Lawrence Phillips was a Sophomore that he didn't know Rock-head ran the show? Or better yet did Grant not know that Dante Jones and Dwayne Harris ran the show when he was a true freshman? But you can't get these types of players/leaders until we get guys to step up in big games and play like they can and not ACCEPT getting bitch slapped on TV!!!!!! A pecking order provides guidance to younger players that they need during the early stages of their career. This type of guidance doesn't mean that they can't come in and play or start, it means that they have to pay their dues. When you have young punks coming in thinking they can take over thats when you see guys getting into the wrong type of fights. The wrong type of fights are the ones with no respect for your teammate. See it was nothing to see Jason Peter and Christian Peter show up with black eyes, we all knew they fought at their house or wherever they felt like it. It was funny actually.

On a side note, and this is my observation from the last two years. A lot of the guys don't understand what a "Blackshirt" is or means. It's totally not their fault because they aren't allowed to be told by OLD GUYS!!!! The passion and pride when you get that shirt is like no other and needs to be restored because it is a part of this University and will be for a long long time. When you are a Blackshirt, you are a gladiator, warrior and flat out the baddest motherfucker at your position. Teams need to fear the name "Blackshirt" and be intimidated by what they see on FILM and not by players throwing up the bones. In Closing I think people misunderstand the difference between the TRUTH and negativity. The truth is told or written when you know facts, regardless if it hurts anyones feelings. Negativity is a form of emotion and can become irrational thinking and thought process.

Be on the lookout as I will be breaking down the UCLA game from last year. I think that game is a good game to look at because the yardage numbers given up isn't a true barometer of how they played on defense the whole game.